Twitter Users Pounce On Donald Trump Jr.'s Very Bleak Birthday Tweet

The president's son celebrated his 41st birthday by retweeting an article featuring "his most bada$$ Instagram photos to date."

Donald Trump Jr. turned 41 on Dec. 31, and he attempted to celebrate by showing the world what a “bada$$” he is.

The president’s son celebrated the big day by retweeting a link to a Daily Caller article titled “It’s Donald Trump Jr.’s Birthday. Celebrate With His Most Bada$$ Instagram Photos To Date.” 

The article begins, “In case you didn’t know, Donald Trump Jr. has a pretty fire Instagram” and goes on to feature 37 pics, many of which show him fishing or wearing camo.

Some of the more “fire” posts include one with Junior posing with a falcon and another with Poison frontman Bret Michaels.

Retweeting a puff piece praising your Instagram account might strike some as a little desperate, which may be why The Daily Dot called Junior’s post a contender for the “saddest and bleakest tweet of the year.”

Maybe, but consider this: So far, it looks as if he has not received any public happy birthday posts from the president or sister Ivanka Trump, just this one from brother Eric Trump.

But Trump Jr.’s retweet on his birthday turned out to be a gift for snarky Twitter users:

Meanwhile, one person had a very pertinent question:



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