Donald Trump Jr. Roasted For Premature Election Call: 'Aged Like Milk'

The "bloodbath!!!" predicted by the ex-president's son never materialized.

If it was a bloodbath, it was a very lukewarm one.

Donald Trump Jr. was roasted on Twitter after he prematurely called the midterm elections a “bloodbath!!!” for Republicans on Tuesday evening. As more ballots were counted overnight, the anticipated red wave of 2022 didn’t quite materialize. As of Wednesday morning, Republicans looked likely to reclaim the House ― though hardly by a sweep ― and the Senate remained too close to call.

Though millions of votes still need to be counted in the coming days, it remains a possibility that Republicans may not unseat a single Democratic Senate or gubernatorial incumbent and that Democrats could even pick up seats in the Senate.

And while many results hang in the balance, one thing was clear as the morning commentary rolled in: Donald Trump lost the election, even though he wasn’t on the ballot. Nominees he endorsed underperformed, and voters rejected candidates who embraced his lies about the 2020 election.

Social media users were quick to make those observations to Trump’s eldest son:

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