Donald Trump Jr. Shares Video Imagining CNN's Jim Acosta Getting Run Over

It followed a Twitter feud between the journalist, the president and his son.

Like father, like son.

In 2017, President Donald Trump retweeted a doctored video which appeared to show him hitting a golf ball that strikes former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. shared a similarly-themed clip on Thursday; this video imagined CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta getting struck by a golf cart:

The tweet followed a war of words on the social media platform between the president, his son and Acosta over a video the journalist shared of himself standing on one side of the U.S.-Mexico border:

The president regularly calls Acosta’s network “fake news.” The White House in November also temporarily revoked Acosta’s press pass following a contentious exchange between the journalist and an intern during a press conference.

Earlier in the week, Trump Jr. shared an Instagram meme that described his father as a “motherf**ker.” He was also widely criticized for likening the wall his father wants to build on the border to a fence at a zoo.

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