Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Texas At CPAC Dallas And Gets The Tumbleweed Treatment

“Way to insult the people you want on side,” one Twitter user responded to Donald Trump’s son. “Tough room,” joked another.

Donald Trump Jr.’s mockery of Texas during his Conservative Political Action Conference speech in Dallas on Friday was met with crickets.

Ex-President Donald Trump’s son ranted about CNN, President Joe Biden, cancel culture and Dr. Anthony Fauci and declared the “world is going to hell” during his address on the questionably shaped stage.

The Trump scion said it was “so awesome” to be at the event and urged conservatives to “stick together” because they “can’t cancel all of us.”

“It’s great to see it. Texas has always led the charge,” Trump Jr. said, eliciting cheers from the audience.

But then he tried to mix it up.

“Well, ’til about like a couple of months ago and then Austin sort of took over,” he continued. “Like, I don’t know guys. Like, Texas was leading the charge. You’re still top 25.”

The response to that comment was decidedly more subdued.

“We got to work on that stuff because those people have lost their minds,” Trump added, to mainly tumbleweed from the crowd.

“Right?” he asked, only to be met with more awkward silence.

Trump turned to his right, then pivoted to attacking journalists as “propagandists.”

Twitter users inevitably had a field day with the moment:

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