Donald Trump Jr.'s 'I Am Not An Elitist' Brag Didn't Go So Well

The president's son attempted to cast himself as a man of the people by flying coach on a 75-minute flight.

Donald Trump Jr.’s attempt to paint himself as a man of the American people backfired on Monday.

The eldest son of billionaire President Donald Trump shared on Instagram a photo that someone had taken of him traveling in coach class Wednesday on a flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix ahead of his father’s campaign rally.

Trump Jr. went to great lengths with his caption to explain why he is “not an elitist.”

“Never have been never wanted to be and certainly never tried to get on the BS rubber chicken dinner circuit,” wrote Trump Jr.

“I like fishing, hunting, red meat, trucks and guns,” he added. “And yes, I usually fly coach, but preferably not Int’l middle seat!”

Critics on Twitter, however, accused Trump Jr. (who has actually tweeted about flying coach before) of false modesty: