Hazmat Team Sent To Donald Trump Jr.’s Home Over Letter Filled With White Powder: Report

"Officials on the scene do not believe it is deadly,” a spokesperson told media outlets.

A hazardous materials team was sent to Donald Trump Jr.’s home in Jupiter, Florida, on Monday after he opened a letter with an unidentified white powder inside, according to multiple accounts.

The Daily Beast first reported that several firetrucks and a hazmat team were spotted outside the home of the former president’s oldest son.

“The test results of the substance came up inconclusive on what it was exactly, but officials on the scene do not believe it is deadly,” a spokesperson for Trump Jr. told the Beast.

Axios later published photos of the hazmat team in full protective equipment inside the home.

Trump shared the letter, which contained a death threat, with the Daily Caller later Monday.

“It’s just become a little bit too commonplace that this sort of stuff happens,” he told the conservative media outlet. “It doesn’t matter what your politics are, this type of crap is unacceptable.”

“This is actually the second white powder substance envelope that’s been mailed to me,” he added. “The last time we had this happen, it was during my father’s presidency and my then-wife opened it up with my kids by her side. So, it’s just sad that we live in a society where politics and the left’s hatred of my father would drive people to do such crazy things, but that’s where we are, unfortunately.”

A Massachusetts man was sentenced to five years of probation in 2019 after he admitted to mailing letters filled with a suspicious powder to Trump Jr. and other prominent figures in previous years.

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