Donald Trump Jr. Sticks Up For Jeff Sessions During His Senate Testimony

The president's eldest son called the hearing a "witch hunt train wreck" on Twitter.

Just as he did last week during the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted during the Senate Intelligence Committee testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday.

The younger Trump praised Sessions’ opening statement.

He also took Sessions’ side when the attorney general contradicted Comey’s testimony, and like the president, accused Comey of lying under oath.

Trump Jr. also retweeted commentary criticizing Democrats, arguing that the hearing was meant to “perpetuate their hysteria,” and cheered on Republican senators who asked questions that mostly attempted to defend Sessions and cast him in a positive light.

He also dismissed the hearing as a non-issue, agreeing that it was “the Seinfeld of hearings ― a hearing about nothing.”

When someone asked whether he should be working instead of tweeting, he said he didn’t want to miss the “witch hunt train wreck.”

This article has been updated with additional tweets from Donald Trump Jr.



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