Donald Trump Jr. Gets Blasted For His Al Franken Hot Take. Mike Huckabee Too.

"Democrats fire harassers. Republicans promote them. #GroperInTheWhiteHouse"

Al Franken’s decision to resign from the Senate in light of numerous sexual misconduct allegations may have given women hope that their voices are being heard. It definitely gave Donald Trump Jr. and Mike Huckabee a chance to do what they do best: throw red meat to their Republican base in the form of snarky tweets. 

Trump Jr. hit the hot take first, by paraphrasing Franken’s Stuart Smalley character from “Saturday Night Live”:

People on Twitter quickly blasted back with equal sarcasm.

Some suggested that Trump Jr. shouldn’t dance on Franken’s political grave just yet.

Others pointed out that Democrats were at least trying to get rid of their problematic politicians.

Some showed off their Photoshop skills.

And, of course, at least one pointed out that President Trump has his own problems with sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, Huckabee offered his hot take on Franken’s resignation, also paraphrasing that “SNL” catchphrase.

As might be expected, his comments got pushback.

Others were more dramatic in pointing out the hypocrisy in action.



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