Twitter Users Show Donald Trump Jr. Just How Dumb He Looks In Mueller Report

One Twitter user told the president's son: "You were vindicated because they determined you were too stupid to know what’s going on."

Donald Trump Jr.’s comment on the Mueller report has some Twitter users dumbfounded because his reaction suggests how dumb he may actually be.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators declined to prosecute President Donald Trump’s eldest son for campaign finance violations mainly because they concluded he was too ignorant to have knowingly committed a crime, according to

Trump Jr., though, seemed to have missed that point when he sent out this celebratory tweet upon Thursday’s release of Mueller’s report:

Luckily, there were many fine people who were happy to explain that he still doesn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the Trump Tower shed.

One user ventured a bold prediction about Trump Jr.’s tweet:

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