Donald Trump Jr. Responds To JLaw Saying She'd Throw A Martini In His Dad's Face

Oh, you know, just a casual feud between the president's son and a famous actress.

Donald Trump Jr. has responded to Jennifer Lawrence’s Wednesday interview with Oprah for The Hollywood Reporter.

In the interview, Lawrence said that if ever met President Donald Trump, she’d have a “pretty good speech” prepared, and it’d end “with a martini to the face.”

The Donald’s son doesn’t think that’s how it’d go.

The younger Trump responded to a tweet about the JLaw interview by saying he’s “pretty sure that’s not how it would end” in reference to the actress throwing a drink in his father’s face. 

It’s official: We live in an age where there are no rules, social media is lawless, and celebrity and politics are all the same damn thing. 

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the bizarre exchange.

We’re not completely sure about this, Don Jr., but there’s a good chance that if JLaw runs into you, that martini may end up on a different face ...