Donald Trump Jr. Just Self-Owned While Criticizing House Women’s SOTU Outfits

The president's son criticized Democratic congresswomen for not wearing American flag pins to the State of the Union — but apparently forgot his as well.

If they gave out Oscars for self-owns, Donald Trump Jr. would be the frontrunner based on the tweet he sent Wednesday.

The president’s son decided to question the patriotism of the dozens of women members of the House of Representatives who wore white to Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

Trump’s beef? None of the congresswomen wore American flag pins on their lapels, based on the photo in his tweet.

Although Trump Jr. probably thought he was scoring political points among the base, things came back to bite him.

That’s because another Twitter user found a very interesting photo of the Trump family also taken at the State of the Union.

Guess what: None of them are wearing flag pins either.

As you probably suspected, Twitter users piled on hard.

One Twitter user noticed some other people weren’t wearing the flag pins either: some Republican politicians, for example.

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