Donald Trump Jr. Tells Sean Hannity That The Dow Exonerates His Dad

The gloating goes off the rails after Comey hearing.

After James Comey’s Senate hearing Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox NewsSean Hannity that the stock market’s rise amid the proceedings cleared the president’s name.

“When the Dow hits another all-time record right during the testimony, you know that he’s been exonerated,” President Donald Trump’s eldest child said. “The markets basically said this has been nonsense.”

The market did indeed peak toward the end of the testimony, CNN reported, but Wall Street’s reaction doesn’t exactly constitute a judge and jury.

Following an earlier Twitter rant, the president’s elder son had more to say to Hannity after the much-anticipated testimony, which focused on conversations between Trump and then-FBI director Comey about the bureau’s probe of alleged links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Reasonable people are seeing that this has just been one big witch hunt,” Donald Trump Jr. said. “They see how disgusting the swamp really is. They see the teeth that are there, and I think they’re going to realize that, ‘Hey, give the guy a chance. Let him do what he was elected to do, and he’ll do a phenomenal job.’”

In an ominous remark for many, he said he was happy for liberals’ “over the top” attacks on his father. “It’s going to make 2020 that much easier.”

Watch the interview above.



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