Donald Trump Jr.'s Bid To Spark Family Fights At Thanksgiving Goes Awry

"Typical Trump. Barging into people's lives, trying to stir stuff up & divide families on a holiday no less," one Twitter user responded.

Donald Trump Jr. drew scorn on social media after he announced a competition that he hoped would sow division and discord among families this Thanksgiving.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son on Tuesday asked his 4.1 million followers on Twitter to “trigger a liberal” by talking politics at the dinner table on Thursday.

He promised a prize (“maybe” a signed copy of his new book “Triggered” or a “Make America Great Again” Trump campaign hat) for the best picture or video tagged with his handle on Instagram. 

“Have fun!” added Trump Jr., who promised to choose the winner by Sunday.

The stunt was well received by some of Trump Jr.’s supporters, with a few hailing his call to “trigger” liberals as “genius.” Many critics, however, accused him of trying to spark unnecessary fights during the holiday period.

“The President’s son is encouraging family arguments at the dinner table on a holiday that is meant to remind us of peace and togetherness. Classy.” wrote one critic.

Added another: “I must admit. You guys do excel at one thing: Setting Americans against one another.”