Don Jr.'s Braggy Tweet About Book Sales Triggers All Sorts Of Twitter Snark

Many derided the president's son for touting his book's bestselling status in a paper his dad insists offers "fake news."

Donald Trump Jr. went on social media Wednesday only to end up getting trumped once again by Twitter users.

Junior’s new book, “Triggered: How The Left Thrives On Hate And Wants To Silence Us,” reached the top of The New York Times’ bestseller list and he couldn’t help but brag about the accomplishment.

Junior’s post didn’t go unnoticed by many Twitter users. In fact, the braggy tweet “triggered” all sorts of hilarious snark.

One of the main themes of the clap back was whether President Donald Trump’s eldest son should really be bragging, considering the book’s No. 1 status wasn’t exactly the result of organic consumer interest.

See the cross at the end of the “Triggered” entry? That means a massive bulk buy aided its sales.

New York Times best seller list
New York Times best seller list

Indeed, the Republican National Committee announced last week it was giving away signed copies to people who donated at least $50 to the group.

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users pointed out that his “success,” like his father’s, wasn’t exactly self-made.

Some Twitter users speculated that other groups besides loyal Republicans might have found value in the book.

Others found it ironic that Junior was bragging about being tops in a paper his Dad calls the “failing New York Times” and regularly denounces ― without proof ― as a purveyor of “fake news.”

Some Twitter users had questions.

But comedian John Melendez was happy to help Junior put his achievement in its proper perspective.



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