Donald Trump Jr. Applauds Tucker Carlson's Refusal To Apologize For Misogyny

The president's son suggested those upset over Carlson's denigration of women are simply part of an "outrage mob."

Donald Trump Jr. rushed to Tucker Carlson’s defense after the Fox News host’s history of misogynistic comments was unearthed Sunday, sparking backlash.

Praising Carlson’s refusal to apologize for years’ worth of remarks that included calling women “whores” and defending statutory rape, Trump painted Carlson as the victim and applauded him for braving “the outrage mob.”

Recordings of Carlson’s statements were published by Media Matters for America, which sifted through clips of his frequent appearances on the radio show “Bubba the Love Sponge,” discovering a laundry list of offensive and predatory comments.

In his initial reaction to the news on Sunday night, Trump implied that Carlson was just taking an innocent crack at satire:

However, it’s unclear whether that will sit well with Carlson’s sponsors.

The Fox Newser lost a slew of advertisers from his prime time slot last December for his xenophobic rhetoric and is facing renewed calls for companies to boycott his show.

But Trump, who was a guest on Carlson’s show last month, isn’t the only right-winger to stand by him. Former Trump administration adviser Sebastian Gorka offered his support on Twitter, cheering on Carlson against what he called “the Leftists’ attack-dogs.”

Meanwhile, Media Matters has hinted that additional “similarly vile” tapes of the opinion host’s damning remarks are on the way, according to TheWrap.

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