Donald Trump Jr. Shares Yet Another Strange Meme Of His Dad

Donald Trump's son posted an edited picture of the president with a man bun on Instagram.

Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday took some time off from ranting on social media about his father’s rivals and spreading a conspiracy theory involving the Democrats and the coronavirus outbreak to share yet another strange meme of his dad.

In a picture that the president’s eldest son posted Thursday on Instagram, Donald Trump appears to sport a — wait for it — man bun.

The photo is titled at the top, “There, Now Liberals Will Love Him,” and the caption reads: “Secret Trump Campaign tactics to win over leftists leaked. Hahahah seems legit!!!”

The president’s son ― who describes himself on Instagram as a “General in the Meme Wars” ― has previously shared an image of his father as Baby Yoda from the “Star Wars” spinoff series “The Mandalorian” ...

... and a meme of him carrying a shark, an animal that the president reportedly hates:

... and the thumbnail of a video on the Pornhub website:

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