Donald Trump Jr. Just Shared The Weirdest Picture Of His Dad

"Alt-right porn is so weird."

Twitter users are gleefully poking fun at Donald Trump Jr. after he posted a bizarre image of his father as a superhero online.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son shared this fake Time magazine cover to Instagram on Friday night:

It showed a bearded Trump wearing a Superman-style costume with the letter “T” instead of “S” emblazoned across his chest.

The post caught the attention of Twitter user @goldengateblond, who couldn’t quite believe her eyes:

Her tweet went viral, and fellow Twitter users couldn’t help joining in.

Some referenced Time’s request to the Trump Organization, asking it to remove fake covers of the magazine on display at the first family’s business properties. Others, meanwhile, called it a “fresh hell” and “disturbing.”

A search through Time’s cover archive proves that it is indeed bogus.

Here’s a sampling of the responses: