The Number Of Lies Donald Trump Has Now Told In Office Is Mind-Boggling

The president has made more false claims in 2019 than in the two previous years put together, according to The Washington Post.

President Donald Trump continues to tell lies at a breathless pace.

Trump as of Dec. 10 had told 15,413 untruths during his presidency, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column reported on Monday.

That’s an average of 14.6 lies for each of his 1,055 days in office.

Trump made 1,999 false claims in 2017 and 5,689 in 2018 — a total of 7,688, the newspaper reported. He’s ramped up the untruths in 2019, however, hitting 7,725 falsehoods with three weeks still to go in the year.

The Post attributed the lie surge to “the uproar over Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president on July 25 — in which he urged an investigation of former vice president Joe Biden, a potential 2020 election rival — and the ensuing House impeachment inquiry.”

Cementing Trump’s regal status in spreading disinformation, PolitiFact has bestowed on him its “Lie of the Year” award for the third time.

Read the Post’s full analysis here and the reaction to the news on Twitter below:

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