Trump 'Likes' Tweet On Sexual Misconduct Claims Against 'Great Friend' Steve Wynn

"This is truly bizarre."

President Donald Trump seldom “likes” other account’s tweets on Twitter, so it becomes newsworthy when he does.

Particularly when he “likes” this Wall Street Journal report on the sexual misconduct allegations made against his “great friend” Steve Wynn, the billionaire Las Vegas casino owner and RNC finance chair who dozens of former employees have accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

The “Trump Alerts” bot account, which automatically tracks the Trump family’s Twitter activity, picked up on the “like.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper later shared a screenshot of it online:

As many people noted, it was only Trump’s 25th “like” on the social media platform.

The post was “unliked” by early Saturday morning. Trump has offered no explanation, but it will live on in screenshots online.

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