Little Miss Flint Blasts Donald Trump Over Broken Water Crisis Promise

"One promise he made sure to keep was to build his wall."

A 9-year-old girl from Flint, Michigan, has sent a powerful message to President Donald Trump about her community’s water crisis.

Amariyanna Copeny, who goes by the name Mari, blasted Trump for breaking his campaign promise to “fix Flint” in a speech at a rally outside the White House on Thursday.

The “Little Miss Flint” title-holder skewered Trump at the “We Belong Together” protest for prioritizing immigration policies over solving the lead poisoning of her city’s water supply.

His failure to act on the issue was “one promise that he failed to keep, just like his promise to make America great again,” she said.

“One promise he made sure to keep was to build his wall,” Copeny added.

She also compared Trump unfavorably with his predecessor, former President Barack Obama ― with whom she met in Flint last May, after writing him a letter about the dangerous levels of lead in the area’s drinking water.

A later meeting with Trump didn’t go as well.

He was not so very nice to me at all,”Copeny said. “He didn’t even let me ask one question.”

In January, officials announced that drinking water in the city complied with federal health standards ― some three years after it was found to be contaminated with lead.

Some residents have still been warned not to drink it, however, until the city’s lead pipes are replaced. In the meantime, they continue to use bottled water for drinking and cooking.

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