Donald Trump Made The Worst Mistake During His Speech To Congress

Hands down.

Many of those in the media gave a hand to President Donald Trump for his recent address to Congress. The only problem is he might’ve needed two hands. 

Jimmy Fallon talked about Trump’s speech in his opening monologue on Wednesday, saying that since the president didn’t trash the media or brag about winning the election, “It was the first time people playing a Trump drinking game ended up sober.” 

Too bad for Trump, a “more presidential” tone didn’t save him from making one terrible, horrible, no-good mistake: He used two hands to drink a glass of water.

And just like that, Trump handed perfect material to the internet on a silver platter.

“The sad thing, that was actually a shot glass,” Fallon joked.

It’s no secret the president’s hands are not known to be yuuuge, but is it fair to make fun of Trump for double-fisting one drink?

When you're thirsty but not feeling confident.
When you're thirsty but not feeling confident.

(OMG, he double-fisted one drink).

At this point, Trump’s hands have become legend. The Hollywood Reporter even did research to prove the president’s hands were actually smaller than average. They did research, people!

While body-shaming people is not cool, poking fun at the president’s hands seems relatively innocuous compared to the numerous reports of Trump mocking people for their looks and, in some cases, disabilities.

Sure, using two hands to hold a drink gives it more stability. And if you got them, why not use them?

We get it. 

But for a guy who has seemed especially sensitive to such jokes, this was the worst mistake he could’ve made, hands down.

(Seriously, dude, put your hands down.)



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