GQ Totally Trolled Donald Trump With This Presidential Makeover

He's REALLY not going to like this.

Despite Donald Trump’s transition from developer to reality star to president of the United States, his wardrobe and temperament haven’t changed a bit.

Though no one seems to be able to do anything about his disposition, GQ decided to step in and give Trump a YUGE presidential makeover in a hilarious new video. The men’s magazine trolls the president BIGLY with advice on how to solve his slouchy suits, Scotch-taped ties and wrinkled pants. They even offer tailoring tips to make his hands look bigger.

Where to even begin? 
Where to even begin? 

After losing a few shades of bronzer, getting tailored and having his blond coif trimmed, Trump looks ... different. Just check out the video above.

But as GQ says:

Donald Trump Over The Years