GQ Totally Trolled Donald Trump With This Presidential Makeover

He's REALLY not going to like this.
01/26/2017 04:17pm ET | Updated January 27, 2017

Despite Donald Trump’s transition from developer to reality star to president of the United States, his wardrobe and temperament haven’t changed a bit.

Though no one seems to be able to do anything about his disposition, GQ decided to step in and give Trump a YUGE presidential makeover in a hilarious new video. The men’s magazine trolls the president BIGLY with advice on how to solve his slouchy suits, Scotch-taped ties and wrinkled pants. They even offer tailoring tips to make his hands look bigger.

Where to even begin? 

After losing a few shades of bronzer, getting tailored and having his blond coif trimmed, Trump looks ... different. Just check out the video above.

But as GQ says:

Donald Trump Over The Years