ATM Robbers Caught On Camera Wearing Donald Trump Masks

They allegedly stole more than $115,000 from dozens of cash dispensers in northern Italy.

Two robbers donned rubber masks depicting President Donald Trump to carry out a series of ATM heists, police in Italy say.

Police arrested two brothers Monday on suspicion of stealing more than $115,000 from dozens of cash dispensers near the northwestern city of Turin, La Stampa reports.

Surveillance footage of one robbery that police released shows a suspect, whom police allege is one of the brothers, covering up a security camera inside a bank’s lobby.

After attaching an explosive device to the cash machine, he lights a fuse and hides out of sight until it explodes.

Police would not comment on details of the arrests of the brothers arrests, aged 27 and 31. But they did disclose that they had been tracking the suspects’ movements for “several months.” 



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