Twitter Users Bury Thankless Trump Over Ugly John McCain Funeral Slam

Critics call out the president over his continued attacks on the late senator.

President Donald Trump was called out on Wednesday for complaining that he wasn’t thanked after he “gave” the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) “the kind of funeral that he wanted.”

Trump also griped about approving those final arrangements. The president ― who was not invited to the funeral and went golfing instead ― authorized the military arrangements, such as the transport of McCain’s body, pallbearers, a band and a horse and caisson. However, different parts of the funeral were handled by other organizations. Congress, for example, authorized McCain lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda. 

Trump’s funeral comments came amid days of renewed attacks on the late senator. 

On Sunday, he called McCain “last in his class” and accused him of sharing the Russian dossier.

Trump’s critics slammed him on social media for his continued attacks on the late senator as well as his complaint that he wasn’t shown enough gratitude over the funeral:

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