Trump Parody Account Tweets Like A Power-Crazed Medieval King

"Canute. What a loser. Can't even hold back the sea. It's just water."

Donaeld the Unready” is the unenlightened monarch of your nightmares.

A parody Twitter account imagines President Donald Trump as “the best early medieval King out there.” He repeatedly vows to “Make Mercia Great Again” while throwing shade on King Canute, the Danes and “bad monk Bede.”

It’s unclear who’s behind the account, which began tweeting on Saturday and garnered more than 21,000 followers in its first 72 hours.

Check out some of the funniest posts below, and read the rest of the tweets here.

  • 1 Canute. What A Loser.
  • 2 Failing Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  • 3 Drain The Fens
  • 4 Can't Be Bought
  • 5 Snowflake
  • 6 Crooked Aethelflaed
  • 7 Viking Ships
  • 8 Lying Monks
  • 9 Make Mercia Great Again
  • 10 Illegal Britons
  • 11 Bishop Of Lichfield