Donald Trump Roasted For Painfully Awkward Attempt To Hold Melania's Hand

Well, that didn't seem to go as planned.

Sometime before Donald Trump picked “dandruff” off Emmanuel Macron’s shoulder and engaged in a bizarre handshake/cheek kiss moment with the French president on Tuesday, Trump tried to hold his wife Melania’s hand. 

The moment was not a smooth one, and MSNBC cameras picked up the awkward attempt in excruciating detail. Video shows Trump using a few fingers to initiate holding hands ― to no response. Then he tried again with his pinky, which also didn’t work. Then he put multiple fingers in Melania’s palm, which finally resulted in what looked like two people mutually agreeing to join hands.

The footage of Trump attempting and eventually succeeding spread around the internet quickly, with people focusing on the president’s insistence despite his wife’s seemingly unhelpful reaction. 

“The Daily Show” went one step further, dubbing the moment with music from “Jaws,” which happens to sync up pretty perfectly. 

Though the president and first lady seemed slow on the hand-holding uptake while welcoming Macron and his wife, Brigitte, on Tuesday, the Trumps were in fact photographed multiple times holding hands during the French leader’s visit.



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