Twitter Users Mock Trump's Parenting Skills After He Says Melania 'Has A Son'

"She's got a son," President Trump told reporters of his wife, Melania, apparently before remembering that he is the other parent.

Donald Trump may be so focused on making America great again that he forgot he’s a dad.

At least it seemed that way on Wednesday when the president met with reporters to discuss, among other things, the crackdown on vaping.

After Trump said he viewed vaping as a source of American jobs, he pointed to his wife, first lady Melania Trump, and said she was instrumental in getting him involved in the issue.

But the way he said it had heads shaking.

“That’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son,” Trump said before he suddenly remembered that he had something to do with it and interjected the word “together.”

Trump then added that their son Barron “is a beautiful young man, and she feels very, very strongly about it.”

Some Twitter users were very confused and others were amused.  

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