Donald Trump: Merchant Of Hate

Since the Republican convention, Donald Trump has been dangerously fueling the flames of hate aimed directly at Hillary Clinton. The chanting in the hall: “Lock her up, lock her up,” only adds to the hate towards Hillary promoted by Trump. On the other hand, who can forget the high road McCain took when a supporter who began to berate Obama in a wrongful and hateful manner, McCain immediately puts the microphone to his own face and defends Obama, calling him a good man and explaining that their differences are only political. He stopped the hate from taking root in that hall. McCain didn’t hesitate for a moment for he knew the danger of allowing hate to fester and grow in a presidential campaign. McCain knew hate should have no place when selecting the President of the United States, for one of the individuals will ultimately become President ― and hate is what drives the engine of assassination. Yet, Trump continues to spread his message of hate.

Trump warns his followers that Hillary will be appointing Supreme Court Justices unless his Second Amendment followers do something about it. That message to his people has to be the most reckless and life-endangering message ever given by a presidential candidate. Some of his followers are cult-like in their dedication towards him, and some have already made death threats to supporters of Hillary and also to Republicans who have come out against Trump. It isn’t a far stretch for one of these maniacal followers of his to take action in hopes of gaining favor from the leader for doing, what the maniac thinks, is the right thing. The world history is filled with demented assassins who believed so intently that they expected to be raised up high upon shoulders for their deadly demented action.That’s what hate can do when promoted to the point that it totally clouds over reality. When listening to the venom of some of the Trump supporters after a rally with Trump slandering Hillary is scary. Differences between Parties has always existed, but not at the level of hate that Trump promotes.

Throughout his entire campaign he has promoted violence, telling people in the hall to punch people and that he would pay all legal bills, and it has led to violence and supporters appealing to Trump for financial support in their assault charges. There is no doubt his followers will act out in violence, yet he continues with his pitch. His flame-throwing mouth calling Hillary “Crooked Hillary” and that she should be in jail feeds into the minds of the crazies, and we all know there are plenty of crazies out there, and could provide justification for violence. If she belongs in jail maybe she should be killed could be the thoughts that result from hearing Trump and his constant hate-filled attacks on Hillary.

The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 by a radical right wing extremist who, in his own sick mind, believed he was doing the right thing. Many people are now beginning to see a dangerous correlation of the contentious election Rabin faced and the hate-filled race Trump is waging against Hillary. It’s no wonder Netanyahu has refused to meet with Trump. Rabin had an impressive military record, but later became the “Soldier of Peace” embracing the Oslo Peace Process which was vehemently opposed by the right wing. Netanyahu attended rallies where portraits were hung and displayed in the hall showing Rabin in a Nazi SS uniform. While addressing these protesters and slamming Rabin, Netanyahu would say Rabin had abandoned Jewish values and traditions. These displays of hate and inflammatory statements, many believe, led to Rabin’s assassination. And this is the dangerous correlation many see with this continuous bombardment of hate-filled rhetoric coming from Trump.

He’s also accusing Hillary of rigging the election because, he says, “the only way I can lose is if the election is rigged.” Of course, there’s no evidence of that and it’s only meant to enforce his attack on Hillary, and disharmony upon her election, if not harm itself. Hate brings about harm. Our elective process is the envy of the entire free world because, after all is said and done, We The People, many more times than not, get it right! And this election is not going to be an exception.

Trump obviously does not remember the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore when it came down to Florida with the “hanging chads” and the counting and re-counting that ultimately ended with arch conservative Chief Justice Rehnquist calling an end to the counting of votes (which ultimately would have proved Gore the winner and the next president) declaring George W. Bush President, but only after Gore conceded. Gore did not want to put the country into a drawn out battle that would have been very disruptive, instead he conceded to allow the inauguration of the next president to go forward on schedule. No one ever heard the words “rigged election” for that’s not what we are about as Americans. No, not at all. What you heard was “ Hail to the Chief” from one and all.

Update: Trump has since met briefly with Netanyahu after this article was written.