Michael Cohen Explodes After Trump's Latest Boast About His Intelligence

Trump again bragged of passing an intelligence test. It was actually a test to detect cognitive impairment.

Donald Trump’s one-time personal attorney Michael Cohen had a fit Sunday after his former boss yet again boasted that he aced an intelligence test in the White House that was actually an assessment to check for cognitive impairment.

And that was just one of the “stupid, stupid” things Trump said at a political rally in Ohio on Saturday, a revved up Cohen complained in a video by the Meidas Touch PAC.

Trump told the crowd he took the 2018 test to prove he was more intelligent than “radical left maniacs.”

As has been explained repeatedly in the media, it was actually a Montreal Cognitive Assessment, designed to detect things like early signs of dementia — not intelligence. The questions are simple, and ask if the test subject can, for example, identify a camel, and remember five words — in Trump’s case, “person, woman, man, camera, TV” — which he has demonstrated he could do on TV.

Cohen mocked Trump’s five words and how spectacularly unimpressive reciting them are.

“The only people who are amazed are you, you and you,” he snapped. Yet “nobody really actually called you on it.”

If Trump has such an impressive IQ, Cohen wondered, why did he have to write letters to all of Trump’s schools warning them not to release his grades or test scores?

Cohen also asked why people still go to Trump rallies. “Is it to watch a shit show? To watch the clown carnival barker?” he asked.

Cohen ended with a plea for everyone to vote.

“I know the man better than all, and rest assured, this man does not belong in the White House,” he said.

Check it out here:

Trump bragged about his intelligence in the same speech in which he forgot the name of his new social media platform, calling it “Troth Sential.”

He got it later, but it was the kind of gaffe that would have had him screaming for Joe Biden’s resignation had the president said it.

Here’s how Trump aced his test:

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