Trump Moons Over Jen Psaki's 'Really Beautiful Red Hair' At Michigan Rally

She's leaving the White House and heading to MSNBC because "they need a redhead," Trump declared.

Former President Donald Trump got creepy again at his rally in Michigan Saturday as he waxed rhapsodic about White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s “really beautiful red hair.”

Psaki is reportedly leaving her White House role for a job at MSNBC, which Trump calls “MSDNC.”

“They need a redhead,” he declared to the crowd in Washington Township in the Detroit metro area. “They don’t have a redhead over there,” said Trump, who has apparently been checking out the talent.

That was one of several rambling lowlights of Trump’s appearance. He bragged yet again about “knowing” Russian President Vladimir Putin, hinted that the U.S. might return to Afghanistan if he’s ever reelected president, and boasted about his imagined “Michigan Man of the Year” award, which he has never been granted.

He also said the American press is “the same” as the “rigged press” in Russia — though maybe not quite as “severe,” he admitted.

Then there was this:

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