Donald Trump Might Sue Bill Maher If He Doesn't Pay $5 Million Over 'Tonight Show' Remarks (VIDEO)

Trump Threatens To Sue Maher

On Wednesday, Donald Trump told "Extra" that he will "probably sue" comedian Bill Maher if Maher does not pay Donald Trump $5 million he believes he is owed after Trump proved to Maher that his mother did not have sex with an orangutan.

Bill Maher told Jay Leno on Monday that he was disappointed that Trump never released his own birth certificate, as Trump made such a big deal over President Obama's parentage. In light of Trump's $5 million offer to Obama to release his college records, Maher quipped that he would pay Trump $5 million to prove that he is not, as Maher estimated, the spawn of a monkey.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Trump released his birth certificate to Yahoo! News. "Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump's birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan," Trump's attorney, after having gone to law school and everything, wrote to Maher.

Trump instructed Maher to pay up, and Trump would then use the $5 million to donate to his chosen charities.

Perhaps in a preemptive move, Trump used the megaphone that is "Extra" to issue a warning to Maher. "He made an absolute offer. I made an absolute acceptance. I showed him documentation, and he owes me $5 million, which I'm going to give to charities," Trump said. "Let's see what happens, and if he doesn't give me the money, we'll probably sue him."

Let's pray that Maher declines to pay Trump, as a lawsuit over $5 million in response to a playground taunt is exactly what we expect from the New York City real estate mogul.

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