Donald Trump Spectacularly Self-Owns With Twitter Attack On Kamala Harris During Debate

People pointed out the grand irony of the president's criticism of the Democratic vice-presidential nominee.

President Donald Trump was raked over the coals on Twitter for his praise of Vice President Mike Pence ― and his criticism of Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris ― during Wednesday’s vice presidential debate.

Trump tweeted almost an hour into the debate that Pence was “doing GREAT!” He referred to Harris, a California senator, as “she” and called her “a gaffe machine.”

Trump later claimed Pence had “WON BIG!”

Some Twitter users pointed out the irony of Trump ― who routinely misspeaks and often posts embarrassing typos on Twitter ― accusing someone else of committing a gaffe.

Others asked if the president was watching the same debate as everyone else.

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