Donald Trump: Miss World Beauty Pageant Will Suffer Without Bikinis (VIDEO)

From calling Rosie O'Donnell a "fat pig" to declaring that he would date Ivanka Trump if she wasn't his daughter, Donald Trump is no stranger to sexist chatter.

So perhaps the real estate mogul's response to the news that the Miss World beauty pageant will be going bikini-less this year should come as no surprise.

"Well, I own Miss Universe so I'm actually very happy about it because if [Miss World doesn't] have bikinis their ratings are gonna go right down the tubes," Trump told the hosts of "Fox and Friends" Monday morning, adding that he would never dream of holding a beauty pageant in a country that would frown on bikinis.

Miss World had announced last week that it would be nixing the bikini portion from this year's pageant out of respect for host country Indonesia's Muslim population.

In a nod to this, host Brian Kilmeade, who has himself come under fire for making sexist comments, followed up by asking if Trump would consider a "Best Burqa" category as a compromise.

"Wouldn't that be beautiful," Trump responded sarcastically.

Trump was recently criticized for making racist comments. Last month, he was skewered for blaming the violence in the United States on blacks and Latinos.

Donald's pageant still has plenty of bikinis:

Miss Universe 2012

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