Twitter Users Mock White House Message Honoring 'I Have A Dream' Speech Anniversary

One Twitter user pointed out that there is not a single African-American among White House senior staff.

Tuesday marked the 55th anniversary of the March on Washington, when civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. gave his historic “I Have a Dream” address.

The march attracted more than 200,000 people to the National Mall, and King’s speech has become one of the most important moments in U.S. history.

In honor of the speech, the Trump administration issued a statement reaffirming “our commitment to protecting the promise of America for all our people.” 

The key part of the message:

“More than half a century after his speech, our Nation reaffirms our commitment to protecting the promise of America for all our people.  For this reason, my Administration is continuing to create an environment where the American Dream—and its many opportunities—are available for all hardworking Americans. As a result, for example, we have already seen the unemployment rate for African Americans reach a record low.”

This sort of proclamation is common in all administrations. Typically, they are issued with little pushback from U.S. citizens.

However, since nearly half of all Americans believe Donald Trump is a racist ― and there are numerous incidents that back up this impression ― some Twitter users were very, very skeptical.

Here’s a video of the Aug. 28, 1963, march and King delivering his speech.



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