Montana Greets Trump With Massive 'LIAR' And 'IMPEACH' Signs

The president received a less-than-warm greeting from protesters in Montana.

President Donald Trump was greeted with cheers from supporters on the ground at a campaign stop in Missoula, Montana on Thursday. From the air, however, he may have spotted a different kind of welcome.

Protesters transformed some local landmarks into anti-Trump messages, with “LIAR” and “IMPEACH” visible from the air ― and potentially from Air Force One, if the president happened to glance out the window.

Mount Jumbo, which overlooks the city, already had an “L” on it for the nearby Loyola Sacred Heart Catholic High School. Protesters simply added three more letters in honor of the president’s arrival:


Mount Sentinel also received a modification. The “M” atop that peak was adorned with some extra letters to spell “IMPEACH.”

Although Trump won Montana by 20 points in 2016, the rally on Thursday night was held in Missoula, one of a half-dozen counties in the state that voted for Hillary Clinton.

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