Donald Trump's Masturbation-Themed Retweet Sets Twitter Abuzz

"Next time the religious right talks about morals in politics, please remind them of Trump’s behavior on Good Friday 2019."

President Donald Trump spent Good Friday golfing with controversial conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh at Mar-a-Lago ― and ranting about the Mueller report on Twitter.

It was two of the president’s posts in particular, however, that set social media alight.

One involved Trump calling “total bullshit” on some of the statements about him in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible Trump campaign collusion, which was released in redacted form on Thursday. The report contained damning details about the president.

Trump later shared Twitter user Scott Atkins’ attack on The Washington Post about its Friday front page. The newspaper’s main headline read: “Mueller details Russian interference, Trump’s attempts to disrupt probe.”

Atkins’ tweet featured the term “circle jerk.” defines it as slang for “mutual masturbation among three or more persons.”

It is also figuratively used, the website notes, to denote a “group of people who are ‘getting themselves off’ in the echo chamber of their own opinions or activities.”

The two presidential posts inevitably caught the attention of fellow Twitter users, who struggled to contain their disbelief:

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