Donald Trump Adds New Entry To His Dictionary Of Nonsensical Words

"It’s sad when you see #wirch trend and know immediately it’s the President of the United States tweeting," one person tweeted.

President Donald Trump’s dictionary of nonsensical words just got a brand new entry, courtesy of his latest embarrassing typo on Twitter.

Trump on Wednesday morning accidentally wrote “wirch” instead of “witch” in a Twitter rant about the House impeachment investigation into him.

“For the good of the Country, this Wirch Hunt should end now!” he said.

Trump has previously written “moat” as “moot,” “stolen” as “stollen,” “hamburgers” as “hamberders,” “changed” as “chanded,” “chief” as “cheif” and “special counsel” as “special council.”

He also created the term “covfefe” and once even spelled his own name incorrectly.

The president’s latest Twitter gaffe led to an inevitable roasting on his favorite social media platform:

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