Donald Trump On NY Times Bid: 'A Lot Of People Are Hoping It's True' (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's Outlandish Talk About NY Times

Donald Trump wants you to know that "a lot of people" are hoping he buys the New York Times.

That's what he told Fox Business host Stuart Varney in a conversation on Thursday, which Capital New York's Joe Pompeo flagged for the world.

Previous reports that Trump had recently taken a keen interest in the Gray Lady's finances had been met with what can only be described as resounding derision, but Varney laid on the praise for the real estate mogul.

"I'm hoping that's true," he said to Trump. "Is it?"

"Well I think a lot of people are hoping it's true," Trump said. "I've looked at it, I've looked at the numbers, the numbers are amazingly bad."

"Well, is it true?" Varney pleaded. "Are you looking at it to buy it?"

"Well I look at everything and if something happens, it happens," said Trump. [Note: something is NOT going to happen! Not in a million years!] "But they have the class A, class B stock, which makes it very tough."

The two then had a laugh at the expense of Paul Krugman.

"You know a lot of us, Donald, are just praying that one day, Mr. Krugman reports to you," Varney said. "We'd just love to see it."

"That would be a lot of fun," Trump said. "I pray the day comes soon," Varney added.

"He might not be reporting for very long," Trump warned.

We think Krugman need not worry.


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