Trump Completely Botches New York Times Attack Over Tax Bill Tweets

"The president is mistaken," tweeted Clifford Levy, the paper's deputy managing editor.

President Donald Trump failed miserably Thursday in his attempt to call out the The New York Times for violating its own guidelines.

Trump accused the Times of having “totally gone against” its social media rules after the paper’s editorial board posted negative comments about the GOP tax bill to NYT Opinion’s Twitter account.

Clifford Levy, the Times’ deputy managing editor, fired back an hour later, tweeting that Trump was “mistaken.”

Levy explained that the paper’s social media guidelines, which outline how reporters should present themselves on social media so they aren’t perceived as biased, apply to the newsroom ― not the opinion section.

The Times’ opinion section features commentary from columnists and contributing writers on both sides of the political spectrum, as well as the editorial board. The editorial board voices its opinion on topics that include political endorsements, foreign affairs and lawsuits.

Trump hasn’t responded to Levy’s correction. A representative for the White House did not immediately answer HuffPost’s request for comment.