Donald Trump Asks New York Times To Investigate Op-Ed He Already Said Was Fake

The president's request is pointless since the article's editors say they know the author’s identity.

President Donald Trump has a question: When is The New York Times going to investigate who wrote the brutal op-ed that the paper published Wednesday and attributed to “a senior official in the Trump administration”?

On Thursday afternoon, the president posed the question to the Times via Twitter:

Trump’s request is a little odd, considering that on Wednesday he suggested the piece was, you guessed it, fake news.

The question is also kind of pointless since the introduction to the article said that editorial section editors knew the author’s identity but were keeping it secret because the person’s job would be ”jeopardized by its disclosure.” 

Luckily for the president, many Twitter users were happy to point out the message he was really sending.

One woman offered a thoughtfully composed reason why the president should resign.

Others were more direct.

One Twitter user had a possible prediction for what might happen next.