Donald Trump Wants To Buy The New York Times: NY Mag

In the department of "Things That Are Not Going To Happen": Donald Trump apparently wants to buy the New York Times.

New York magazine's Joe Hagan reported Tuesday that Trump has had "more than one meeting" to talk about wresting the paper from the Sulzbergers. It would be a big change from Trump's usual business ventures of TV hosting, pageant mogul-ing, real estate and birtherism.

Business Insider probably had it right when it called any Trump bid a "very expensive venture that will go nowhere." The Sulzbergers are not some loosely confederated, disenchanted clan like the Bancrofts were when Rupert Murdoch came calling for the Wall Street Journal. They are, to put it mildly, very involved with running the Times, and it would be very, very, very, very surprising if they let Trump, of all people, take it from them.

The Wall Street Journal's Dennis Berman put the question to Arthur Sulzberger:

But let's hope Trump tries! It would be enormously entertaining.



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