Trump Boasts He 'ACED' Cognitive Test, Claims His Gaffes Were Really Conspiracy References

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. Conspiracy???

Donald Trump would like people to know he “ACED” a cognitive test, and that he totally knows who the current president of the United States is.

The former president claimed in a Truth Social screed Monday morning that he’s been referring to former President Barack Obama as the sitting president “sarcastically,” to suggest that Obama is secretly calling the shots instead of President Joe Biden.

Trump lashed out at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is also seeking the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, and at Democrats for highlighting his misstatements and suggesting he “must be cognitively impaired.”

“No, I know both names very well, never mix them up, and know that they are destroying our Country. Also, and as reported, I just took a cognitive test as part of my Physical Exam, and ACED it,” Trump wrote. “Also ACED (a perfect score!) one taken while in the White House.”

Trump has heavily leaned into this particular Obama conspiracy theory before, though he’s also appeared to genuinely confuse Biden and Obama multiple times in recent weeks. (Biden, for his part, has also committed a number of verbal blunders during his time in office.)

Donald Trump's Monday morning post on Truth Social.
Donald Trump's Monday morning post on Truth Social.
Donald Trump/Truth Social

In his post on Monday, Trump didn’t offer any justification for his other past slips, like when he called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban the “leader of Turkey,” or when he appeared to mix up former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

The struggling DeSantis campaign has seized on these moments and posted a running social media thread of the verbal stumbles.

Last week, Trump’s campaign released a vague note from a doctor declaring that his “overall health is excellent” and his “cognitive exams were exceptional,” without providing any specifics about the results.

Trump has repeatedly bragged about a cognitive test he passed as president that required him, in part, to remember five words in a row.

He famously boasted during a 2020 Fox News interview that he amazed his doctors when he was able to recall the words “person, woman, man, camera, TV” in order.

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