Donald Trump Tickles Tweeters With His Curt Message To Omarosa

"Wait come back, we need a shot of you rolling your suitcase out of the board room and getting into the cab."

President Donald Trump’s terse thanking of Omarosa Manigault Newman for her service via Twitter on Wednesday did not go unnoticed.

White House officials claimed Newman resigned as director of communications for the Public Liaison Office the previous day. Multiple news outlets have reported, however, that she was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly and had to be removed from the grounds.

As speculation mounted as to exactly what went down, Trump tweeted this brief message of thanks to the former “Apprentice” star:

Fellow Twitter users seized on the post and began to make fun of what appeared to be Trump’s curt tone with his (soon to be former) controversial aide. Most of the responses were as follows: