Donald Trump Seeks Protection From Global Warming While Denying It Exists

COUNTY CLAIRE, IRELAND: Goodyear Satire Company--

Donald Trump is talking out of both sides of his ass when it comes to climate change.

On the one hand, Trump has famously called global warming "bullshit" and "a total hoax." On the other hand, when global warming's effects threaten one of Trump's golf courses, he wants the government to step in and give him a building permit so he can build a protective sea wall... to combat the non-existent global warming.

It's bullsh*t.

Trump has also blamed the hoax on the Chinese, for a Trump rant perfecta.

But when climate change threatens one of Trump's precious oceanfront golf courses, he sings a different tune. Trump doesn't believe in global warming except when he believes in global warming. Got that? Good. Now explain it to me.

According to a Trump application for permission to build a seawall to protect the coastline adjacent to one of Trump's golf courses, Trump's people assert global warming is real.

The application cites erosion of the coastline due to extreme weather and rising sea levels as justification for the sea wall. Those are only two of the effects of the man-made climate change now in progress.

The application was filed by Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in County Clare, as cited by Ben Schreckinger on

While Trump denies the science as part of his political campaign, he recognizes its effect on his private business interests.

The political rhetoric is designed to forestall government action on climate change, leaving only the wealthy prepared for the coming changes. Ironically, Trump is asking the Irish government to help him fight global warming, while he tells the American people that there is no such thing..

The debate over whether climate change is caused by man's activities is a red herring, anyway. It doesn't matter whether climate change was caused by man. Climate change can be stopped by man.