Donald Trump's Motivational Tweet About Meeting 'Every Day With Optimism' Goes Awry

"A rich man's mantra," one Twitter user dubbed Trump's quote.

President Donald Trump shared what was likely intended to be a motivational message to Twitter on Friday, but it did not go over well.

Trump tweeted this condensed version of a quote that he used during his address at the Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House:

It read:

“If you meet every day with optimism — if you confront every obstacle with determination — if you refuse to give up, if you never quit, if you face every challenge with confidence and pride — then there is no goal you cannot achieve, and no dream beyond your reach!”

In response, fellow Twitter users suggested Trump did not write the quote himself ― and also criticized his administration, whose policies they said had made it harder for them to confront the obstacles they faced: