Twitter Users Mock Donald Trump's Whiny Tweet About Oscar Ratings

"Thanks, lowest rated President in HISTORY," Jimmy Kimmel tweeted.

While many Americans are worried about Russia, North Korea or school shootings, President Donald Trump is concentrating on the truly important issue of our time: low Oscars ratings.

The number of viewers for this year’s telecast dropped by almost 20 percent from last year, and the president felt obliged to comment on it early Tuesday morning. He offered a (self-important) reason for the decline. 

As you might expect, many Twitter users felt obliged to bust the president’s chops for tweeting about an issue that is comparatively petty to what the leader of the free world normally focuses on.

One of those just happened to be the man who hosted the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel.

Some not-so-famous people had harsh words for the president as well.

Others suspected the Oscars weren’t really the thing that made Trump so angry.


A few people were especially offended by one particular part of the tweet.

At least one guy suspected the tweet was a cry for help.

Another guy saw a sign of hope in the tweet.

One person had a good suggestion for next year’s show.

A few people suspected Trump wasn’t even the author of this tweet.

And the tweet inspired one guy to bring up this blast from the past.



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