Donald Trump Calls Heckler 'Seriously Overweight'

The GOP contender's bullying skills were on full display at a recent campaign rally.

Professional entertainer and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called a heckler "seriously overweight" on Wednesday after the man interrupted his speech in Worcester, Massachusetts.

"We have 93 million people out of the labor force, we have 50 million people in poverty, we have 43 million -- and now it's actually going to be probably closer to 50 -- 50 million people on food stamps," Trump said.

At that moment, a man in a light-colored jacket started heckling Trump, though what he said isn't audible on C-SPAN's video feed. Security guards escorted the man out of the arena. 

"I mention food stamps and that guy who's seriously overweight went crazy," Trump said, to applause. "Amazing."

From the video, it's not clear that the person was overweight, though everything Trump was saying at that moment was a little off. There are 94 million people the Labor Department classifies as "not in the labor force," but the vast majority of them are retired, students or taking care of family members -- not loafers. There are 46.7 million Americans in poverty and 45 million on food stamps, but that number that has been going down, not up.