Harvey Weinstein And Bill Cosby Join Donald Trump In Me Too Painting

Someone has given a Me Too twist to a portrait of Trump that is hanging in the White House.

A bizarre portrait of President Donald Trump has been updated for the Me Too era.

Twitter users initially teased Trump after “60 Minutes” cameras captured artist Andy Thomas’s painting of the president sitting with other former Republican presidents hanging in the White House:

Danny Zuker, the executive producer of ABC’s “Modern Family,” responded by sharing an unattributed edited version of the artwork online Tuesday. It depicted Trump sitting with other men who’ve been publicly accused of sexual misconduct, including former Fox News broadcaster Bill O’Reilly, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, director Woody Allen, actor Kevin Spacey and comedians Bill Cosby and Louis C.K.

Zuker’s post also prompted a flood of other edited versions of the same image: