Trevor Noah Warns Paul Ryan: Get Ready To Be Thrown Under The Trump Bus

"Trump’s not going down for his mistakes. He never has."

Trevor Noah sees a showdown coming between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump ― and it doesn’t look good for the Speaker of the House.

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Noah explained how Ryan’s plan to cut health care for the poor and older Americans goes against Trump’s promise of health care for all.

Noah said Ryan seems to be preparing for the inevitable conflict by claiming that the president helped come up with the legislation.

“We all see what you’re trying to do, Speaker Ryan,” Noah said. “You know your Obamacare replacement bill is crap and now you’re trying to throw Trump under the bus.

“But, you don’t realize: That’s not how it works with Trump, because Trump is the bus. Trump’s not going down for his mistakes. He never has.”

Noah had another bone to pick, this time with Trump’s surrogates.

“I like how Trump surrogates are worried someone else is going to ruin Trump’s presidency,” he said. “They’re like, ‘Trump can destroy his own legacy. Thank you very much!’”



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