Donald Trump Explains Why He Eats His Pizza With A Fork (VIDEO)

WATCH: Donald Trump Explains Why He Eats Pizza With A Fork

Donald Trump has responded to criticisms of his pizza-eating habits during a dinner with Sarah Palin.

Jon Stewart, among others, called Trump out on eating pizza with a fork. Stewart joked, "Based on how you eat pizza, Donald, I want to see your long-form birth certificate. I don't think you were really born in New York."

Here's how Trump responded in a video from his office desk:

A lot of people are asking why am I using plastic forks and knives that the pizza parlor gave. Well, I don't walk around with forks and knives, and frankly, it was very comfortable. Plus, this way you can take the top of the pizza off so you're not just eating the crust. I like to not eat the crust so we can keep the weight down at least as good as possible.

Trump also discusses Palin in the video and whether he thinks she will run for president in 2012.


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